Our Company

The origination of Care Hospice is based on over twenty years of hospice care experience. Our founder has worked with small regional hospices and large, national organizations. The goal in creating Care Hospice was to integrate the passion of local organizations with the efficiency and compliance of much larger organizations. This has led to our unique and patient-centered structure.

Our agencies retain their distinct cultures and their local brand strength. These companies have grown up in the communities that they serve and their brands are valuable. Our employees have invested years in building their agencies and we would like to honor their commitment and their success. Their brands are well-known and well-respected in the communities they support.

Together, our agencies represent significantly more buying power than any one agency alone. We work with our agencies to identify opportunities to improve service levels at more attractive prices, including synergies gained from volume discounting of medications, medical equipment and supplies. In addition to helping our agencies manage their costs, we also provide reimbursement and compliance support centrally. These are typically very costly endeavors and the constantly-changing regulatory environment is a meaningful burden for most small to medium-sized agencies.

As a group, the collection of Care Hospice agencies creates a powerful combination. We benefit from our local brands and continuity of care while being able to take advantage of our combined size, when it benefits our patients and agencies. We encourage our agencies to focus on providing quality care while Care manages the required back-office requirements.