What We Look For

We are always searching for suitable agencies to join our group. The ideal candidate should have aspects such as these:

  • The agency has a proven track record of service. It does not need to be growing quickly or necessarily wildly profitable. It should have a strong presence in the community in which it operates.
  • The agency’s leadership and employees must be passionate about providing hospice care – hospice is more than just a business, it is also a passion and belief that there is a better way.
  • The agency must have attractive metrics such as average length of stay and discharge rates. It is imperative that our collection of agencies operate in the most ethical way possible and we cannot jeopardize our organization for the sake of short-term profits at any one agency.

The Benefits of Choosing Care Hospice as a Partner

  1. Care Hospice is still small; input and expertise is not only welcomed, but desired. We are constantly searching for best practices to share across our agencies.
  2. Our preference is to retain the name of a provider partner that joins our family. We believe our partners have spent significant time and resources in building a local brand name and image and we would like to preserve the value that has been created.
  3. We have no desire to terminate staff or making significant changes that modify how care is being delivered. This is evident by our low turnover companywide. Our focus is to consolidate back office accounting and billing duties, which allows the local agency to focus on service to patients and families.
  4. We welcome owner/managers that have been involved in the business to continue in senior roles with standard employment agreements. We do not have a fleet of operators to drop into new agencies to run the day-to-day operations.
  5. We welcome equity roll-forward investments from our partners if they have an interest in continuing to build a quality company to serve their community. Roll-forward investments are not required.
  6. Since we are small, we also offer the opportunity for senior corporate roles if the owner/manager has a skill set and interest that would benefit more than just their local community.
  7. Joining our organization provides a safety net against large governmental audits. We take regulatory compliance seriously and will offer services to assume the management of your regulatory risk. Further, all hospices will experience some sort of large scale audit in today’s environment. By having multiple sister agencies, we can maintain positive cash flow while each of our partner hospices takes its turn going through the audit process. During the audit process our expert staff can assist with reviews and coordination of all audit activity to lessen the burden at the local agency level.
  8. We focus on mission, not profits, which makes our culture special and creates a wonderful work environment for both our staff and owners.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing the potential inclusion in the Care Hospice group of agencies. We would welcome the chance to get to know you and explore the potential to work together in caring for patients and their families.