Philosophy & Strategy

We are committed to hospice care, believing that it is a superior option for patients who have received a six-month prognosis of their life expectancy. We seek to identify, acquire and help develop hospice agencies, while providing exceptional care to our growing population of patients and families. There are approximately 6,100 hospice agencies in the United States. We have very high standards with respect to important metrics like Average Length of Stay, Discharge Rates and Census growth. Providing hospice care is an honor, but it must be provided in an entirely legal and ethical manner. We only look for companies that share our approach towards providing exceptional care to patients and their families while maintaining the highest level of regulatory compliance and ethical standards.

Our collection of agencies operates largely autonomously. Each agency and its branches are staffed to provide local care, support and education. We believe that locally-focused care is optimal in getting to know patients, communities, facilities and healthcare providers in those markets. However, we also recognize that operating a hospice agency is complex and expensive. We centralize the time-consuming activities such as billing, Medicare and Medicaid collections, information technology, and regulatory compliance. We also leverage the group’s combined size to better negotiate favorable terms from key vendors such as medications, medical equipment and supplies.

We are constantly looking for agencies interested in joining our network or owners searching for a new steward to assume the agency’s next chapter. Please contact us if you would like to explore how we may be able to work together or if you may be interested in exploring a sale of your current agency.